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As a professional international air cargo shipping company, we will provide you with all-round global air freight customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics air cargo delivery services, and use a powerful information system to master every link of the air cargo transportation process, so as to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality transportation services, and create a fast, efficient and considerate international air cargo services transportation business for you.

Strategic partners in all corners of the world, with dozens of international air cargo airlines including FSC air freight and SSC air freight have a deep cooperative relationship. Track customized project processes, optimize operation links, and provide comprehensive one-stop international air freight services.

How does Global Air Freight Work?

How does Global Air Freight Work?

The process of air cargo international shipping transportation is very simple from picking up to receiving.

First, fill in the power of attorney, and then review the documents. Then the air cargo freight delivery company booked the space, put the goods into the warehouse, and then handles the export declaration. After the goods are transported to the destination, they will be cleared and dispatched, and finally, the air cargo fare will be settled.

Air Freight Cargo with XY Cargo Advantages

Tracking and query service.
Charter service.
Storage advantages.
Booking advantages.
Air Freight Cargo with XY Cargo Advantages

International Air Shipping Freight FAQs

International Air Shipping Freight FAQs
What Is The Difference Between Air Freight And Air Cargo?

These two terms are usually used interchangeably in business. However, just as in different business fields, many such terms in the world are actually the same, and their meanings are different for everyone. Although many people will use them alternately most of the time, many people involved in international air cargo transportation will know the key differences between them.

If we do not understand the differences of some of these terms, it may cause confusion in the transportation of air cargo, and may lead to misunderstandings about the financial implications of how the cargo is transported.

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