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FSC Air Freight

FSC Air Freight

FSC air freight is mainly engaged in international air transport services in the Middle East, with strategic partners all over the world, and has in-depth cooperative relations with dozens of international airlines. Track the customized project process, optimize the operation links, and provide perfect and comprehensive one-stop air transportation services.

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FSC Air Freight Shipment Procedure

Navigating the world of air freight demands a well-choreographed symphony of tasks to ensure the smooth movement of goods.

Letter of authorization

Three days before the departure date of the flight, the letter of authorization, and the notice of arrival and departure.

At the heart of the FSC Air Freight Shipment Procedure lies the essential Letter of Authorization. This document bestows the authority upon the logistics provider to act on behalf of the shipper, ensuring a seamless progression through each stage of the shipment process. The Letter of Authorization streamlines communication and coordination, playing a pivotal role in the efficient execution of tasks to come.

Arrange the cargo

According to the warehousing notice, arrange the cargo to enter the cabin one day before the departure date of the flight, and confirm the entry data.

The meticulous arrangement of cargo is the initial step that sets the stage for a successful air freight cargo journey. From packing and labeling to ensuring compliance with safety regulations, this stage guarantees that the cargo is prepared for its voyage in a manner that prioritizes both security and efficiency.

Customs declaration

Customs declaration documents for export goods shall be delivered to the shipping master one day before the flight leaves the port, and customs declaration and inspection shall be arranged (1 working day in normal).

Navigating the intricacies of customs regulations is a pivotal stage in the FSC in air freight shipment process. Accurate and comprehensive customs declarations ensure that the cargo complies with international trade laws and regulations, expediting its movement across borders and minimizing the risk of delays or complications.

Commodity inspection

Commodity inspection pass/customs release. A critical juncture in the FSC Air Freight Shipment Procedure involves a thorough commodity inspection. This rigorous evaluation verifies that the goods are suitable for air transportation, conforming to safety standards and regulations. The inspection enhances the overall integrity of the shipment, contributing to its secure and timely passage.

Confirm the waybill information

Confirm the waybill information after the flight enters the cabin and departs. Confirm the FSC charges in air freight.

Before the cargo takes to the skies, the confirmation of waybill information stands as a key checkpoint. The waybill contains vital details about the shipment, including origin, destination, consignee, and the terms of transportation. Confirming the accuracy of this information ensures a harmonious alignment among all stakeholders, enabling a seamless transition from preparation to transit.

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