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Sea Freight

Guangzhou Xianyi International shipping sea freight compamy has maintained a good long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known sea and air carriers since its establishment, enabling us to provide customers with fast, high-quality, professional sea freight shipping services and supporting types of logistics facilities. The sea transport company has experienced, well-trained and skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing you with suitable sea freight solutions, professional advice and reliable sea freight transport services. The sea freight shipping company has always adhered to the tenet of "customer first, service-oriented", and has won the affirmation of domestic and foreign customers with its strong strength, excellent talents, efficient service and good reputation.

Ocean Freight Services with XY Cargo Advantages

Ocean Freight Services with XY Cargo Advantages

We provide you with all-round maritime customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics delivery services.

Use a powerful information system to master every link in the transportation process, so as to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality ocean transportation services and create a fast, efficient and considerate international sea cargo ship transportation business for you.

Differences between LCL and FCL Sea Freight

Systematize the service process, monitor the transfer links layer by layer, and fundamentally improve the transportation efficiency:

Power of attorney submitted by the client
Certification and verification documents of XY Cargo
Cargo booking
Warehousing of goods
Export declaration
Customs clearance and delivery
Settlement expenses
Differences between LCL and FCL Sea Freight

Global Sea Freight FAQs

Learn more about global ocean freight Of XY Cargo.
Global Sea Freight FAQs
What are the additional charges for sea freight?

1. Direct flight surcharge (D/A)

2. Detour surcharge (D/S)

3. Destination Delivery Charge (DDC)

4. Terminal handling fee (THC)

5. Local Export Surcharge (ORC)

6. Automatic Manifest System Entry Fee (AMS)

What cargo can't be transported by sea freight?
What are the advantages of shipping?
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