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Other Types of International Logistics Services

To provide you with a full range of air customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing, logistics delivery services, our company has a powerful information system to grasp every link in the transportation process, escort your goods, to create a safe, efficient and time-saving international air cargo business.

Types of Other Logistics Services

How Does A Logistics Company Work?

The cargo service company will give full play to its overall advantages, face the domestic and foreign markets, continue to expand its operations, and gradually build a large-scale, powerful, fully functional and competitive integrated logistics company by implementing the strategy of large-scale operation, functional diversification and internationalization.

How Does A Logistics Company Work?

What Are The Five Major Components Of Logistics?

We specialize in international cargo transportation by sea and air, freight forwarding, cross-border e-commerce packages and other businesses, and provide customers at home and abroad with one-stop services, including cargo solicitation, space booking, consignment, warehousing, loading and unloading, packaging, customs declaration and inspection, insurance, customs clearance and delivery.

Air door to door
Air door to door
Ocean door to door
Ocean door to door
Agent declaration
Agent declaration
Warehouse management
Warehouse management
Transport loading and unloading
Transport loading and unloading

Benefits Of Logistics Services

Benefits Of Logistics Services

Logistics Services

1. International maritime transport services

Provide customers with ocean freight full container & LCL services, with routes all over the world, with transparent and reasonable fees, including door-to-door services and other extended services at home and abroad.

2. International air transport services

It is mainly engaged in international air transport services in the Middle East. Its strategic partners are all over the world, tracking customized project processes, optimizing operation links, and providing comprehensive one-stop air transport services.

3. One stop transportation insurance solution

Cooperating with a number of insurance companies, the cargo insurance coverage covers the world, and the full name provides one-to-one exclusive services.

4. Professional customs declaration company

The exclusive customs declaration point has strong customs clearance ability, fast and efficient speed, and provides multiple options to optimize the import customs clearance scheme.

5. Provide 24-hour online tracking and inquiry service for goods

With a professional cargo information management system, customers can check the cargo situation anytime and anywhere.

Other Logistics Services FAQs

How To Modify The Bill Of Lading?

Modification refers to the fact that there are still discrepancies in the contents of the bill of lading to be modified after the deadline of the documents stipulated by the shipping company, which leads to modification, and the expenses shall be borne by the fault party.

What Cannot Be Separated Or Combined?

Splitting: when a bill of lading under a customs declaration form is shipped out in the whole container, the cy/cy clause is divided into two or more bills of lading at the request of the guest l/c or other documents, which is called splitting. Generally, the consignee of splitting should be the same person. If there are two or more consignees, confirm with the shipping company in advance whether to operate cy/cfs. Generally, the shipping company does not provide unpacking service, but can find a peer port of destination agent to operate, Agency fee is required.

Consolidation: for the orders under two or more customs item numbers, the cy/cy clause is issued in the whole container, and the goods are loaded on the same ship and transported to the same port of destination, they can be combined into one bill of lading at the request of the customer, and the general consignee should be the same.

Order splitting and consolidation must be carried out on the same ship, the same port of destination, the same route, the same payment method and the same type (full container or LCL). However, some shipping companies cannot split orders, depending on the specific shipping company.

How Is The Air Freight Calculated?

① Air freight is calculated by multiplying the weight by the unit price. The weight is in kilograms (kilograms). When the cargo is small and heavy, it is calculated according to the actual weight; When the cargo is large in volume and small in weight, it shall be calculated by volume.

② Volume weight is a method to calculate the weight of light goods in the transportation industry. The volume weight is the weight of goods that can be obtained by converting the volume of goods with the conversion formula.

③ Volume weight calculation formula = length cm × Width cm × The height is cm/6000, which is generally equivalent to 167 kg per cubic meter after conversion.

What Is Self Consolidation?

For goods transported to the same port of destination by two or more shippers, in order to save costs, the goods are mixed into one or several boxes (generally speaking, the shipping company does not accept the consignment of two or more consignees in the same container, but it can find an agent for unpacking service and shipping consignment)

How To Track My Goods?

You can easily track the goods by entering the customer's name and mobile phone number in the "Freight query" column at the head of the website page.

The Problem Of Overweight Goods

International transportation business requires the shipper to provide accurate information such as the volume, size and weight of the goods. Although container transportation has fixed dimensions, there are clear requirements for the weight of each container: 20 foot ordinary containers generally do not exceed 17.5 tons; 40 foot ordinary boxes generally do not exceed 22 tons. Therefore, the shipper should reasonably allocate the goods in advance and arrange the packing, and must not let the container "overeat" in order to save freight. There was once a company that loaded more than 40 tons of goods in a single 20 foot container without notifying the transportation agent and the port in advance. As a result, the crane motor was burnt out because the container weight was much higher than the crane load called by the port. The shipper not only has to compensate for the loss of the crane, but also has to unload and reload many times, which delays the delivery time. It is really not worth the loss.

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