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SSC Air Freight

SSC Air Freight

Whether you are airliner transportation, charter transportation, centralized consignment or international express delivery, you can enjoy the reasonable logistics transportation scheme provided by the exclusive logistics experts, optimize your transportation cost, save your transportation time and ensure the safe arrival of goods.

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Shipment Procedure SSC Air Freight

Efficient and reliable shipment procedures are paramount in the realm of air freight logistics.

The Shipper Places an Order

The journey of international air shipping begins with the shipper placing an order, a pivotal step that initiates the entire logistical process. This stage involves the shipper providing detailed information about the consignment, including its dimensions, weight, destination, and any specific handling instructions. Clear communication at this stage is crucial to ensure accurate planning and execution downstream.

Commodity Inspection & Power of Attorney

Before the shipment is booked and dispatched, a thorough inspection of the commodities takes place. This step guarantees compliance with regulations and safety standards, certifying that the goods are fit for air transportation. Additionally, the establishment of a Power of Attorney grants the logistics provider the legal authority to act on the shipper's behalf, further streamlining the shipment process.

Booking & Warehouse Notification & Check Data

Once the commodities pass inspection, the booking process ensues. This involves securing space on a suitable aircraft and coordinating the timing of the shipment. Simultaneously, warehouse notifications are sent to prepare for the cargo's arrival. The accuracy of data at this stage is paramount, ensuring seamless processing and minimizing the risk of errors during transit.

Bill of Lading Confirmation

The Bill of Lading is a crucial document that serves as a contract of carriage between the shipper and the air carrier. Confirming its accuracy is a pivotal step before the shipment takes off. The Bill of Lading outlines key details such as the consignee, destination, and terms of transportation, ensuring alignment among all parties involved.

Settlement of Transportation Costs

At the culmination of the shipment's journey, the process concludes with the settlement of transportation costs. This stage involves evaluating the services rendered against the agreed-upon terms and conditions, ensuring fair compensation for the logistics provider's services.

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